Pre OR Post Construction

Pre-or-Post-Construction1-300x278The construction process has become highly specialized, demanding the expertise of professionals from several disciplines.

Our Construction Cleanup Services Team specializes in providing post construction cleaning and cleanup services.

You’ve spent countless hours building a project you’re proud of so, when it comes to final presentation, we know that image is everything.

Presentation shows a sense of pride about your company and it could even be the reason why your clients choose to do business with you.

That’s why Contractors & Builders offers full-service pre- and post-construction clean up.

We make sure that we present great face value and attention to detail. That means our cleaning services help you showcase your workmanship in the best possible light.

We perform all stages of construction clean up. Our services cover new and renovated residential and commercial projects. We also work on multifamily communities and REO facilities.

Every project is unique. Our cleaning services are custom-tailored to your needs and timelines. We’re also ready to handle projects on short timelines. That way, your project can stay on schedule.

Our cleaning professionals have more than 10 years of construction cleaning experience and the flexibility to complete your project as needed at very competitive rates.

 Construction cleaning services include:

  • Rough Interior Construction Clean Up
  • Final Interior Construction Clean Up
  • Exterior Construction Clean Up

Why Use Our Construction Clean-Up Services?

We put in the elbow grease. Our crews provide all the tools needed to manage the entire project. We deliver more than a great appearance, our teams focus on delivering the highest quality and value.

When we’re through, you can rest easy, knowing  that your building project is ready to occupy.

Other perks include:

  • Licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Our employees are  covered by Workers’ compensation, for your protection and security.
  • On-site management team ensures our services meet timelines and expectations.
  • We can use green cleaning products and services.
  • Multi-state presence means we have the capacity to staff construction projects anywhere in the U.S.
  • Quick access to experienced clean-up crews for projects of all sizes. Our services are prepped for priority projects.
  • Our construction clean-up placement process means you get a blue-chip workforce. All of our workers are backed by our industry-leading guarantee.

Don’t let yourself be held back by debris, dust and dirt. Contact us at (732) 600-3819.

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